Cernia Bruna III

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Dusky Grouper is returning to repopulate our seas, we have already filmed several small specimens in a few meters of depth in coastal areas where it was once an endemic species. The reasons for the disappearance are indiscriminate fishing and the fact that being a hermaphrodized species the younger specimens could not reach the reproductive age. The alarm obviously remains as we can see from previous videos, small specimens remain caught in dropped nets in areas where fishermen should not even be far away, but we’re seeing how young specimens share the same dudes.

Cernia Dusky Grouper – Epinephelus marginatus


The grouper is tendentially a solitary animal, especially in the summer but often we can find holes shared by two or more specimens when the ecosystem allows it. In the video you see how these timid and tendentially dodgy animals can actually be approached repeatedly without scaring the sub, if you approach the due caution. And it’s also possible to film them with non-professional equipment just in apnea.

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