The Big Airplan Bomb

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The sea has always been for man the “way” to conquer new territories and open new businesses.

All this has also been the scene of tragedies due not only to the shipwrecks caused by the force of nature but to scenarios of wars and conflicts that occurred violently in the sea. Of these events we find today witness not only through the wrecks, both archaeological and modern, but also through war residues that are still at sea.


In this case we have the random finding of a large unexploded bomb from the last world war and lying on the seabed. It is a large bomb, we can say that it measures at least three meters; but it was not possible for us to establish what nationality it could be.


  From the testimonies of those who experienced that terrible conflict we have learned that often the planes, the so-called “flying fortresses” that could not complete their mission, usually dumped their deadly weight in the sea to lighten their weight and therefore, consuming less fuel, being more likely to return more easily to the base and not take risks of accidents, particularly dangerous with the bombs still on board, during landing.



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