The Mistery Blenny

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The mistery blenny

(Parablennius incognitus) is a sea fish belonging to the family Blenniidae.

It is an endemic species of the Mediterranean Sea. It lives in very low waters, often in areas exposed to the fury of the waves, on scoliosis funds rich in vegetation.

The Sopraorbitari tentacles are made up of a longer anterior filament from whose back they depart 4 or 5 ramifications; These tentacles are much longer in the male. The nasal tentacle (only on the anterior nostril) has two filaments. For the rest a typical blennide, the dorsal fin has a modest central notch.

The livery, though variable as in almost all Blennidi has some specific characteristics: dark spots in the shape of the hourglasses edged, and a dark oblique streak on the cheek above which there is a clearer one.

Similarly to the other Blennidi the male treats the eggs that are laid in a den.

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