But a Concrete Mixer at the bottom of the sea that makes us...???!!!

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But a Concrete Mixer at the bottom of the sea that makes us…???!!!

The sea is polluted by the human activities connected to it; Some are easily recognizable (as you can see in the movies featured in this blog) such as shipwrecks of sunken ships due to war events, failures, ramming, etc. or remnants of war such as bombs, mines, warships or civil aircraft. There are also pollutions due to professional activities such as fishing with various types of networks; The construction of barriers or moles for ports.

And what about the plastics???!!!

Then there is the invisible pollution, the chemical one, due to the discharges at sea or in the rivers of the industrial or civil activities of the cities both coastal and internal. In short, almost everything ends at sea. Sea that increasingly needs to be loved, respected and safeguarded because the consequences that are generated, as for the climate, affect us all.

But a Concrete Mixer at the bottom of the sea that makes us…???!!!

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