The Short-nosed Unicornfish

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Short-nosed Unicornfish Pesci Unicorno

The short-nosed unicornfish or spotted unicornfish (Naso brevirostris) is a species of unicornfish in the family Acanthuridae.

Naso brevirostris is widespread throughout the Indian and Pacific Oceans.  Another species, Naso maculatus , may also be called the spotted unicornfish.

This species is listed as “least concern” on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, and there are no observed declines as a result of commercial or recreational fishing.

The short-nosed unicornfish dwells in mid-waters along steep outer lagoon, in rocky shore and seaward reef drop-offs, and prefers water temperatures ranging from 22.4 to 29° Celsius,

Naso brevirostris can reach a maximum length of 35 centimetres. These fishes have an elongate, oval body, with a short snout and a small, protrusible mouth. They are olivaceous brown to bluish grey in color, with a prominent horn, many small dark spots on head and short irregular lines on sides of body. The anterior par of the body is rather pale. The tail is whitish with dark blotch. The caudal knives are relatively larger in males (sexual dimorphism).

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