Black Scorpionfish - Scorpaena Porcus

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Scorfano Nero, Black scorpionfish, Redfish Black, Scorpaena Porcus,

Scorfano Nero, Black scorpionfish, Redfish Black, Scorpaena Porcus,

Black scorpionfish, Redfish Black, Scorpaena Porcus. We have already met the Black Scorpion, in this video we took it very closely from 10 to 5/6 cm. This fish is very confident in its ability to camouflage and as we can see it remains motionless almost to the touch. It can be recognized by the eyes and in this case by the dorsal fins erected as defense. These in fact in contact inject a rather powerful poison, for this reason the scorpion has few predators and escapes only when the threat is very close. The black scorpion fish possesses venom glands placed under the spines of the dorsal and anal fins, so it is advisable to observe it and not touch it, accidental punctures are possible: in these cases a strong pain occurs, sometimes with the appearance of nausea, vomiting and shock. However, it remains a very easy fish to observe and photograph once used to identify it thanks to the incredible camouflage.


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