The European Herring Gull

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In This film we can observe a group of young seagulls who, under the supervision of an adult seagull (surely one of the parents), learn to obtain food at sea.

The seagulls are a subfamily of seabirds, Laridi, of the Charadriiformes order, the main genus is Larus,  medium-large size with dimensions ranging from 29 cm in length and 120 g of weight, to 75 cm in length and 1.75 – 2 kg of weight. The beak is long and sturdy and the legs are palmate.

The wings are usually white, grey or black and in the young also brown. The young people employ two to four years before reaching the adult livery. In This phase they change both the colors of the pens and those of the beak, the paws and the eyes.

They usually live in colonies, nest along the coasts or in wetlands and inland waters. They feed on fish, eggs, small carrion, insects, worms and even human-produced waste.

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