Young Epinephelus Marginatus

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We met this young Epinephelus marginatus along the cliff in front of Castiglioncello, a famous seaside resort in the province of Livorno, during one of the scuba diving. The Epinephelus marginatus is inside its den and does not seem at all intimidated by the presence of the diver and his video equipment; on the contrary, it shows a certain curiosity, even if it is ready to flee to the most inaccessible part of the den, to see what can happen.

Recall that the Epinephelus marginatus is a fish belonging to the family Serranidae, hermaphrodite proterogino who lives long, some estimate over 50 years, and become male around 12 years. Therefore all specimens of great size are male.

The presence of this fish highlights a good state of health of the sea and for us scuba divers is always good news.


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