Caranx - Carangidae

Carango Gigante - Caranx ignobilis

Carango Gigante - Caranx ignobilis

Caranx ignobilis, conosciuto comunemente come Carango gigante indopacifico è un grosso pesce d'acqua salata appartenente alla famiglia Carangidae....
Carango Pinna Blu - Caranx  Melampygus

Carango Pinna Blu - Caranx  Melampygus

Caranx melampygus Cuvier, 1833 è un pesce d'acqua salata appartenente alla famiglia Carangidae. Distribuzione e habitat Questa specie è diffusa nell'Oceano Indiano, dal Mar Rosso fino...
Ricciola - Seriola dumerili

Ricciola - Seriola dumerili

Ricciola Seriola dumerili Amberjack Yellowtail Carangidae carangidi Seriola dumerili , conosciuta comunemente come Ricciola , è un pesce marino appar...


The Carangidae are a family of fish which includes the jacks, pompanosjack mackerels, runners, and scads.Carangidi Caranx Carangidae family jacks

Caranx Melampygus Carangidae –


They are marine fishes found in the AtlanticIndian and Pacific Oceans. Most species are fast-swimming predatory fishes that hunt in the waters above reefs and in the open sea; some dig in the sea floor for invertebrates.

The largest fish in the family, the greater amberjackSeriola dumerili, grows up to 2 m in length; most fish in the family reach a maximum length of 25–100 cm.

The family contains many important commercial and game fish, notably the Pacific jack mackerelTrachurus symmetricus, and the other jack mackerels in the genus Trachurus.

Many genera have fairly extensive fossil records, particularly Caranx and Seriola, which extend into the early Paleogene (late Thanetian), and are known from whole and incomplete specimens, skeletal fragments, and otoliths. The several extinct genera include ArchaeusPseudovomer, and Eastmanalepes.

Seriola dumerili - Ricciola - Amberjack - Yellowtail

Seriola dumerili – Ricciola – Amberjack – Yellowtail –


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