Dolphins off the coast of Castiglioncello

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Delfini Castiglioncello

In this short video we have a meeting about forty minutes of a pod of dolphins or more likely bottlenose dolphins off the coast of Castiglioncello, which took place on 11.09.2016 at about 6 miles from the coast from Livorno to Vada, in area named “Secche di Vada“. This sighting is quite unusual although we do have in the famous “Triangle of the Cetaceans” for the length of meeting because of the presence within the pack of some puppies that mothers tend to be wary and then to move away just satisfied their curiosity. 11-09-2016_delfini_97b

Despite the engine on the boat the pod of dolphins composed of adult specimens probably females but also by some puppies, has never seemed frightened, approached and making approach several times, rather curiously, because they came to “play” with their evolution from under the boat. Delfini Castiglioncello



Much of the Mediterranean coast enjoys a hot-summer Mediterranean climate. However, most of its southeastern coast has a hot desert climate, and much of Spain’s eastern (Mediterranean) coast has a cold semi-arid climate. Although they are rare, tropical cyclone occasionally form in the Mediterranean Sea, typically in September–November.

Because of the short residence time of waters, the Mediterranean Sea is considered a hot-spot for climate change effects. Deep water temperatures have increased by 0.12 °C (0.22 °F) between 1959 and 1989. According to climate projections, the Mediterranean Sea could become warmer. The decrease in precipitation over the region could lead to more evaporation ultimately increasing the Mediterranean Sea salinity. Because of the changes in temperature and salinity, the Mediterranean Sea may become more stratified by the end of the 21st century, with notable consequences on water circulation and biogeochemistry.

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