Sea Walnut - Mnemiopsis leidyi

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We also met us Mnemiopsis leidyi or Sea Walnut, which would seem one of many jellyfish found in the seas around the world and also in the Mediterranean. But it really is a Ctenophore and how many Ctenophores is bioluminescent, we slowed the movie to see the effect. Mnemiopsis is an invasive species, and in some European waters it caused enormous economic damage whereas you think that is able to change greatly entire ecosystems and drastically reduce the fish fauna of the areas that can colonize.  Noce di Mare Mnemiopsis leidyi


Noce di Mare – Sea Walnut – Mnemiopsis leidyi

Mnemiopsis leidyi  is a species of tentaculate ctenophore belongs to Bolinopsidae family, it is mistaken by many for a jellyfish because of its conformation and its transparency, but in reality it is a carnivorous animal that feeds on zooplankton, including crustaceans and other ctenophores, as well as larvae and fish eggs. Its excessive proliferation highlights a sea in that stretch of coast is definitely “sick” in fact the Mnemiopsis leidyi develops in degraded environments, in this case by the abnormal marine heating, but develop in eutrophic environments due to the excessive use of fertilizers and pesticides in agriculture which then pour into the sea or in oxygen-poor waters due to human activities or even in brackish waters such as those of river estuaries.

This shows the great adaptability of this predatory marine species which, in addition to causing damage to the marine environment with its excessive proliferation, highlights a condition that must be faced by all those who have public responsibilities.

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