Sparidae - Sargo or White seabream - Diplodus sargus

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Sargo or White seabream (Diplodus sargus Linnaeus, 1758) is a sea fish that belongs to the Sparidae family. sarago diplodus sargus Sparidae

This species is widespread in the Mediterranean, the Black Sea (rare) in the Eastern Atlantic and north to the Bay of Biscay. In Italian seas it is very common.

It’s sort versatile enough about the habitat. It can be found on hard, sandy bottoms, Posidonia oceanic and even inside the lagoons where the salinity is not too low. The preferred environment are still those of rocks covered with dense vegetation. It is a strictly coastal species.

The Sparidae family includes 125 species of saltwater fish belonging to the order Perciformes. We filmed and photographed some of the most common species: Diplodus sargus sargus (real seabream or greater), Diplodus vulgaris (or Banded seabream Headed), Diplodus puntazzo (Sargo picudo), Diplodus annularis (Esparrallón), Oblada melanura (Saddled seabream or Oblada), Sarpa Salpa (Salema), Sparus Aurata (Gilt Head Bream). We met them both in apnea or with self in rocky waters near the coast within a few meters of water, the two meters to the first 15 meters where they are most common; up to over 60 meters of underwater reefs and shipwrecks. sarago diplodus sargus Sparidae



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