Red Gorgonia - Paramuricea Clavata

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It is found on rocky bottoms starting from 30 meters depth, but we know that can reach over 100 meters and depths of love twilight. Gorgonia Rossa Paramuricea Clavata

It looks like a tree formation, in fact, can exceed one meter in height, and when we meet a colony composed of many specimens come to think of being in an enchanted forest because of its deep red color. In reality we are faced with a colony of Reach polyps that live in the dense branching and which determine its growth; a very slow growth that can be likened to a tropical forest on earth; we think that the Paramuricea Clavata in that place has always been there. It an important biological indicator because it is very sensitive to pollution and the warming of the sea, also inside we find a remarkable biodiversity consists of invertebrates and fish of each species using the colony both as a refuge and as a safe place to lay the eggs. But we must point out that often the networks either by mail trawling cause considerable damage so that in some areas we find them eradicated from the bottom and then condemned to a certain death.


We found it in a deep water area whose coral rocks ended in the mud; so in similar conditions just a gentle stream to lift the mud from the bottom, and then create a reduced visibility. If this represents a problem for the sharpness of our images it is not for the colony because the suspension brings with it nutrients; In fact, the colony is in excellent health as can be seen from the open polyps and presence of gorgonians not suffering. Gorgonia Rossa Paramuricea Clavata

About 500 different species of gorgonians are found in the oceans of the world, but they are particularly abundant in the shallow waters of the Western Atlantic, including Florida, Bermuda, and the West Indies. Gallery

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