Dive in Tavolara 1994

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Tavolara is an island of 5.9 square kilometers of the North-eastern Sardinia, part of the town of Olbia in the sub-region of Gallura. Rich in history and ancient legends and modern, this rock from the singular conformation is proposed on the scene from classical mythology to represent the ship of the Phoenicians petrified by Poseidon, with his helm facing the open sea, guilty of having brought Ulysses to Ithaca. wild and unspoiled island is part of the Marine Protected Area of ​​Tavolara – Punta Coda Cavallo and unspoiled waters. The Protected Marine Area of ​​TavolaraPunta Coda Cavallo extends along one of the most beautiful stretches of coastline and beautiful Mediterranean Sea. Not far from the Emerald Coast. To mark the contours of the marine area – which covers about 15,000 hectares – crystal clear water, lying on soft strokes of the many inlets and coves of the rugged coastline from Capo Ceraso (south of Olbia), up to the Punta ‘Isuledda (south of San Teodoro). Isola di Tavolara Sardegna

The crystal clear waters of the island of Tavolara and the wonderful underwater world offer a remarkable spectacle to us divers always looking for beautiful images and emotions.

As you can see, however, the movie also in the sea here is not sparing those ships who for various reasons come too close to the coast. The boat will swing Cypriot “CHRISSO” flag in fact 31 December 1974 and went aground on the rocks of Punta Greca.

Man’s relationship with the sea has always been very close because the sea has been a source of life with the exploitation of fish resources for its food, for trade with other peoples through transport ships, for the discovery of new lands and their conquest and unfortunately also with wars to resolve conflicts between peoples or nations. This intense activity has always had as a consequence negative effects caused by tragic events and therefore the shipwreck of boats and ships that have become wrecks at the bottom of the sea. Isola di Tavolara Sardegna

Author: Marco Ciolli

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