Wreck of Angelika

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This is the “ANGELIKA” wreck, a cargo ship of Greek nationality length of about 70 meters in the ’80 years was crossing the stormy waters of the Strait named Bocche di Bonifacio when he was surprised by a stormy sea. Strait of Bonifacio, the sea area of ​​6 miles that separates Corsica from Sardinia, superb spot for divers due to the wonder of the seabed and the exuberant marine life, but become a “hell” for those sailors that their vessels have to cross . When weather conditions are very bad in fact the risks involved are really high and the violence of the storms sometimes unforgiving. Relitto Angelika Angelika Wreck


 The ship has had to hit a rock of the sand banks knows as “Secca della Marmorata“, just opposite the islet of the Marmorata, a few miles from Santa Teresa di Gallura and sank. It seems that the ship was carrying toxic substances, and also why he was denied entry to the port of Santa Teresa di Gallura despite S.O.S The ship, partly outcropping is broken into two parts, and is located at a depth of about 20 meters. The most interesting remains divers can meet them between 14 and 20 meters. Of course as with all wrecks especially we need the utmost attention towards the sheet metal that can cause cuts or wounds. Relitto Angelika Angelika Wreck

The ships of the modern era instead at the time of the sinking cause a considerable marine pollution especially for the fossil fuels necessary for their navigation consequently there is a significant damage to the marine ecosystem, especially in coral reefs, and only in recent years the man committed himself to their recovery and when this was not possible at least to a reclamation, even if always partial, of the wreck.

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