Abandoned nets

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The marine environment is affected by all kinds of pollution that has always been caused by human activities but from the industrial era to the present day it has developed exponentially to the point that we may consider not to return. A human activity in direct contact with the sea is certainly represented by professional fishing. Reti Perse – IntotheBlue.it
Fishing is generally practiced by trawl nets or fishing net. The fishing net net is certainly the most compatible because it is practiced selectively and more respectful to the environment.
However, fishermen in order to achieve greater quantities of fish tend to get closer to the sunken cliffs, where fish usually find refuge and the possibility of breeding, but so often they “grab” with their nets the reef and to abandon them on the seabed. The lost nets continue to fish for a long time and the animals remain trapped. These nets long some kilometers envelop entire stretches of rock with damage that is not difficult to imagine. The video shows a fishing net that has been on the bottom for many years.
Greta Thunberg, Swedish activist for sustainable development is inviting young people from all over the world, and the governments of various countries, to commit themselves to safeguarding the future of planet Earth, that is, the home of all the living beings that are part of it, and therefore also of the great marine ecosystem put in serious difficulties because of pollution in general and pollution of plastics in particular.The site www.intotheblue.it has often shown videos and images on the effects that climate change and pollution produce on the marine ecosystem, inviting everyone to take an active role in our small daily actions. It is now clear to everyone that plastics and microplastics enter the food chain of fish and marine organisms and consequently in the food chain also of man as a final consumer; with serious repercussions on health and quality of life. Reti Perse – IntotheBlue.it

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