Wonderful Colony of Savalia Savaglia

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Wonderful Colony of Savalia Savaglia – IntotheBlue.it

This immersion brings us into contact with a beautiful colony of Savalia Savaglia, with the presence of Paramuricea Clavata, at 78 to 82 meters in depth. A rather demanding dive that requires meticulous organization and assistance from those who collaborate on the surface with the diver.

The images are not clear either because the low visibility due to the remarkable underwater current encountered and to the muddy seabed on which the cliff reigned and because of the depth that filters out considerably the sunlight.

The colony’s excellent state of health is evident (if we are to make a comparison with the surface we can assimilate it to a beautiful forest).

Bellissima Colonia di Savalia Savaglia - intotheblue

Bellissima Colonia di Savalia Savaglia – intotheblue

Savalia Savaglia is a colonial antozoo whose appearance closely resembles that of the common gorgonians, but the polyps that make it differ greatly from those of the latter for both structure and size.


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