Brown Meagre - Sciaena Umbra

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Brown Meagre (Sciaena Umbra) is one of the most beautiful fish in the Mediterranean, the young specimens have reflexes and blue, gold, yellow, and black colors, growing bacames brown and gold. Is also one of the most difficult fish to encounter, has night habits and being a predator but also a prey so lives in deep caves and deep holes. We were able to meet a group of four or five Brown Meagre that swam over their cave, but as soon as they approached they slowly disappeared into their hole. In the lower Ligurian Sea Brown Meagre has the strange habit of going out at daily light with the winds while tramontana or north wind, and only casually leaves during other weather conditions. Corvina – Brown Meagre – Sciaena umbra –

Corvina – Brown Meagre – Sciaena Umbra

We will try to bring them closer again, since it is a territorial species that inhabits the same holes during the summer and then reaches greater depths during the winter. Is one of the few fish that uses the sound to communicate, in the event of a danger of a dull tick caused by the collision between them of the pharyngeal teeth, the noise is amplified by the bladder that functions as a resonant chest, warning the other specimens of the presence of a predator or a danger. Corvina – Brown Meagre – Sciaena umbra –


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