Mullet - Mugil cephalus

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The mullet, Mugil cephalus, is one of the most common species in the Mediterranean. That’s why it’s easy to meet him by snorkeling on rocky or rocky-sandy backdrops, in just a few centimeters of water. It is easy to meet him in crowds at times of numerous specimens, he is a kind of animal, and while he feeds and is not frightened, he can be approached very easily. Its isle is vast, in fact it lives in all the tropical and warm temperate waters of the world (circumtropical distribution), in Europe it is spread north to the Gulf of Gascogne. Muggine Cefalo – Mugil cephalus –

Muggine Cefalo – Mugil cephalus.

It is a species of eurialine that can withstand large variations in salinity so much that it is regularly found in both marine and sweet, brackish waters. It is also able to live in polluted environments, in fact it is frequently found within ports. She lives in desks (especially young people). It is mainly found where there are hard surfaces or artifacts, but it does not disguise even the bottoms completely soft as long as the depth of the water is sufficiently low. Muggine Cefalo – Mugil cephalus –

As we said, the Mugil cephalus loves to live also in brackish waters. For this reason it is bred in many lagoons on the coasts of the Mediterranean countries both for the supply of the fish market and to obtain the “Bottarga” from the eggs. Bottarga is a food consisting of the ovary of fish, whose eggs are salted and dried with traditional procedures and then used in the kitchen.


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