The eggs European squid

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Squid (Loligo vulgaris) Uova Calamaro Loligo vulgaris

It is a shellfish belonging to the class of cephalopods. It has the elongated sack shaped body with two rhomboid fins that arrive in the middle of the body, on the head we find two big eyes and the mouth looks like a parrot’s beak. As all the decapods inside the body is housed a shell.

It has ten tentacles: eight smaller tentacles and two tentacle arms with four series of suction cups, long, about three times the smaller tentacles equipped with two sets of suction cups each.

It usually reaches a size between thirty and fifty centimeters in length but can reach the meter and weigh up to 10 Kg.

It usually lives on muddy seabed or in posidonia grasslands from the surface up to 500 meters deep.

The females produce eggs for prolonged periods and usually lay them in clusters docking to sea, sponges, rocks as we see in the film realized at a depth between 78 and 82 meters.

We also want to bring your attention to the eggs anchored to an elephant ear sponge (Spongia agaricin) of considerable size that rarely meets. We can estimate that the diameter of the sponge is around the meter. Uova Calamaro Loligo vulgaris


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