The Peacock

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The Peacock or Peacock tail,  (Thivy 1960) is a brown seaweed from the Dictyotaceae family.


The name Peacock tail derives from the characteristic shape of the alga’s Tallo, which opens to fan from a stalk anchored to the substrate by means of rizoidi. The texture is leathery.

The color is light brown, tending to white, with more or less dark bands due to the presence of calcium carbonate that is fixed on the surface of the seaweed. Up to even 20 centimeters in diameter.

It grows from the end of the winter period until spring advanced; The reproduction takes place in summer.

  Common in the Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea and the eastern Atlantic Ocean from the coasts of Morocco to the English Channel, and the Northwest Atlantic.

It often lives in numerous groupings, from a few centimeters up to about 20 m of depth, on well-lit hard seabed. It tolerates well even wide variations of temperature.

From the Peacockn Padia is extracted an active principle called Padia HPS3 used in cosmetics to moisturize the skin. The HPS3 goes to stimulate in the cells the production of glucosaminoglucani that have the capacity to retain the water and thus to fight the skin ageing.

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