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Patella Patellidae family

Patellas (Patellidae family) gastropods

Patellas (Patellidae family) gastropods

The Patellas (Patellidae family) are gastropods molluscs of the Archeogasteropodi order. They are typical of the tidal zones of the cliffs,  adhere firmly resisting to the most violent storms, and have a conical shell.

We find them from the surface to a few meters deep; during the low tide they can remain in the open and for to breathe, with their lamellar gill apparatus, they use the water retained inside the shell.

They are active during the night when they graze the algae that cover the cliffs and almost always tend to return to their place.

There are about 400 species that are widely spread across the seas and most do not exceed 6-10 cm in diameter.

The Mexicana is however the giant of the species, in fact it can reach 25-35 cm in diameter.

The Patellas are of males but  becomes, during the sexual maturation, of female sex. Patella Patellidae family


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