Peacock Wrasse - Symphodus Tinca

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Tordo Pavone

Symphodus roissali Tordo Verde Five-spotted wrasse –

Symphodus Tinca or Peacock Wrasse is one of the many wrasses called Tordi most common in the Mediterranean Sea. In this video we can see two specimens that intrigued by the diver and the video camera let themselves get very close. They were probably simply defending their territory from an occasional intruder. In fact these fish are very territorial and from their evolutions they seem to have a natural synchronism. What is surprising about this species is that they have three main liveries depending on the environment and the conditions in which they live:

  • the dark-colored livery, common in the individuals who live among the posidonia, has three continuous horizontal bands, the highest of which runs immediately under the dorsal fin;
  • the male livery, in which the lines on the throat take a bright blue or green color, the eye is bordered with red and two evident black spots are present in the back part of the dorsal fin. In this livery often the background color is brick red and is often quite varied rather than having well-defined bands;
  • the reproductive female livery in which the background color is light or greenish brown with dark spots in greater numbers in the ventral region. Tordo Pavone

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