Wreck of Genepesca

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This summer we also immersed ourselves on the wreck of Genepesca, after many years in fact the wreck is changing, collapsing slowly. The central smokestack, the main feature of the ship has indeed collapsed on the right, probably due to a trawl net. The wreck itself still retains its charm despite the frequent presence of Mucilage. Fish and various marine species of the past such as conger eels, moray eels, groupers, gorgonians, crustaceans such as lobsters and lobsters are gone; perhaps because of the mucilage phenomenon or more probably due to the almost daily diver frequency. However, it remains a beautiful dive even with the water is not always very clear.

GENEPESCA I, was launched by the Cantieri di Riva Trigoso in 1940 and ended its non-long-lived career on a naval mine positioned on the Secche di Vada on May 26, 1945. It was used to transport fish and was heading from Tunis to Livorno. It was designed and built to allow freezing of freshly caught fish directly on board and in order to keep the cold chain even during the marketing stages in its chain still known as “Genepesca”. It was 78.71 m long, with a maximum beam of 12.23 m. and a draft of 5.51 m. Now it lies broken in two sections on a sandy bottom of 33 m. at most and with the chimney that stood up to 19 m. from the surface. Now it disappeared, hooked by a trawl net. The main section is 55 m long. about and is skidded on the left by a few degrees. The other section, the bow, is about a hundred meters, lying on the starboard mascot at a maximum depth of 29 m. and it is just over 20 m long. Relitto Genepesca Wreck intotheblue.it

It is about a mile south-south-west of the Lighthouse of Vada and you can get there in a few minutes of navigation with a fast dinghy that moors exactly above the main section, allowing a comfortable descent along the top of the anchor and a equally convenient ascent with any safety / decompression stops.



Type: fishing boat Year of construction: 1940 Italian nationality Length: 78.71 Width: 12.23 Immersion: 5.51 Date sinking: May 26, 1945 Cause of sinking: collision with a mine Route: sailing from Tunis to Livorno Load: foodstuffs Mediterranean Sea State: Italy Tuscany region Province: Livorno Location: Marina di Cecina Minimum depth: 18 Maximum depth: 32 Bottom: sand Type of diving: recreational Difficulty: medium Visibility: good

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