The Hunting of Yellowtails

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Yellowtail hunting amberjack ricciola caccia carangidae

Yellowtail hunting amberjack ricciola caccia carangidae

Yellowtail hunting amberjack ricciola caccia carangidae

In this video we can see two small Yellowtails during their hunting. Yellowtail, Amberjack, Seriola dumerili, is a fish belonging to the family of the Carangidae. Normally the younger specimens tend to aggregate and hunt in packs. When older specimens are usually solitary. In fact, when they are on the hunt they become more confident in the juvenile phase, while becoming more cunning and careful as they grow. During the juvenile phase in their livery are evident yellow nuances. For this reason it is also called Fish Lemon or Yellowtail.

In this case we see how they try to hunt a herd of big-scale sand smelt. Initially they exploit a herd of banded sea bream, harmless for small prey and then hurled at high speed against the shoal of fish. The Atherina boyeri are the most common prey for these predators and defend themselves by massing their large flocks.

This meeting took place in Sardinia in the town of Masua in shallow and very clear waters. The Amberjacks, regardless of the presence of the diver, hunted for about ten minutes.

It is the largest fish in the family of the Carangidae. Great Amberjack can reach 2 meters in length and 70-100 kg in weight. It is a pelagic fish characterized by the silver-blue color, with a longitudinal line of gold color. The tail is forked and the two dorsal fins are the first short and the second long. It has a brown oblique bar that crosses the eye.


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