Moray - Muraena helena

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Moray eel Muraenidae family Murena Muraena helena

Muraena helena

Muraena helena


Moray eel (Muraena helena Linnaeus, 1758) is a marine bony fish belonging to the Muraenidae family. It is a sedentary coastal species. During the day it is almost always intact in holes or in cracks in the rocks, with the head just protruding.

To bring more oxygen to the gills, it is often open-mouthed to push. The gaping jaws reveal the need to continuously pump water through the mouth to provide oxygen to the gills and is anything but a symptom of aggression. The moray is territorial and if annoyed can attack the sub.

It is a nocturnal animal and at sunset, as in the video, it comes out of its den to feed itself, it is still a rather shy and shy animal that avoids unwanted meetings by hiding as soon as possible.

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