Black Damselfish - Chromis Chromis

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In this video we see a Castagnola Nera Black Damselfish that has been easily approached by the diver.  Chromis chromis, commonly known as Castagnola Nera, is a salt water fish belonging to the Pomacentridae family, of which it is the only representative in the MediterraneanCastagnola Nera Chromis chromis Black Damselfish 

Castagnola Nera - Chromis chromis -

Castagnola Nera – Chromis chromis –

It populates the shallow rocky seabed where it lives in shoals scattered in half-water. They are also found above meadows of Posidonia oceanica. The small specimens still with the blue livery are photophobes and often meet in caves, crevasses and other shady environments.

It has an oval body, crushed, with a small mouth and big eyes. The dorsal fin is unique, with anterior spiny rays and longer, soft rays posteriorly, the anal fin has only two spiny rays followed by many soft. The caudal fin is affected in the center and has two pointed lobes. The upper and lower rays of this fin are darker than the rest giving the impression of a more incised tail than it actually is. The ventral fins and pectoral fins are quite developed. The scales are great. It reaches a maximum length of 16 centimeters but is usually much smaller.

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