Tridacna Maxima 

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Tridacna Maxima is a giant bivalve species of the Tridacnidae family.  Popular among the aquarists, it is often found in a marine aquarium.  In Polynesia This species is called “Pahua ” and enters the local cuisine. Tridacna maxima Giant Clam

Adults develop a large shell that adheres to the substrate with the fine woven linen, a tuft of long, tenacious filaments protruding from a hole near the hinge.

It is a sessile bivalve that can reach an impressive size from 40-60 cm to 1,6 metres. During the day, it opens its mantle, often very colorful (blue, green, violet…) To ensure the photosynthesis of its symbiotic algae, which contribute to nourish it. It is however able to shrink very quickly and to close suddenly by breaking any object that could be found between its two solid valves actuated by an extremely powerful muscle. Tridacna maxima Giant Clam

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