The Strombus Gigas shell

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La conchiglia Strombus Gigas - The Strombus Gigas shell -

strombus gigas lobatus gigas mollusco gasteropode

The Strombus Gigas shell or Lobatus Gigas lives mainly in the sandy bottoms of the Caribbean Sea near the coral reef. This mollusc loves warm waters and it is possible to find it a few meters from the surface and for this reason it is fished too much to the point of putting its survival at risk and therefore condemning it to extinction.  strombus gigas lobatus gigas

This video was made in Cayo Largo del Sur, or simply Cayo Largo is a small resort island in Cuba, off the south coast of the northwestern part of the main island in the Carribean Sea. The cay is about 25 kilometers long and 3 kilometers wide and is the second largest island in the Cannareos Archipelago. Cayo Largo is part of the special municipality of isla de la Juventud.

Cayo Largo is a limestone island, formed over millions of years from the remains of marine organisms, such as the ones that build coral reefs. Living coral reefs form one more attraction for tourists on this island, although coral bleaching has stressed some reef communities in the Carribean. The northern coast of Cayo Largo consists largely of manroves and salt pans. While the water south of the island appears clear enough to reveal the underlying ocean floor, the water on the north side of the island is cloudy. This cloudy water indicates that sediment is washing off the land surface and into the water or is being stirred up from the shallow sea floor. strombus gigas lobatus gigas

La conchiglia Strombus Gigas - The Strombus Gigas shell -

La conchiglia Strombus Gigas – The Strombus Gigas shell –


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