Pagurus on Gold Coral

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I met the Pagurus of the short film, clinging to a gorgonian of Savalia Savaglia, at a depth of 78 meters. This particularly struck me because I never found a hermit crab at such depth despite my long experience of scuba diving.

The Pagurus belongs to the Paguridae family. Hermit crabs are crustaceans with a curved and soft abdomen. It lives in empty shells of gastropods on which it sometimes attacks sponges or poisonous actinias to camouflage and defend itself. In case of danger it can withdraw completely inside the shell. The end of the tail of the hermit crab is suitable for strongly grasping the shell it always carries with it. When it grows and the size of the shell is no longer suitable is search for a new shell to protect yourself.

In the world there are about five thousand known species, almost all of which live in the aquatic environment, but in the tropics there are also terrestrial ones.

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