Curious fishs visit the Diver in decompression

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At the end of a scuba dive, during the decompression stop they suddenly came to visit me these nice “intrusive” friends. Carango Mediterraneo decompressione Caranx Crysos

Similar situations have happened to me other times, but with fish that I know quite well as anchovies, skipjack, horse mackerel or other fish of our Mediterranean. but at first I could not understand which family of fish could to belong. Subsequently reviewing the images realized in this video I understood that is was the Caranx Crysos, or Golden Carango in juvenile phase. These fish generally travel in pairs or small groups. In this case they approached the scuba diver and the support boat that was assisting the diver with the engine off; and therefore without the annoyance of the exhaust noise. I must say that they seemed particularly attracted to and intrigued by the air bubbles discharged by the diving regulator during the breathing of the diver; in fact with neurotic speed they approached me trying to understand what was happening, with the amused air of a child in a playground. Then with the same speed with which they arrived they gone away.

Caranx Crysos is a fish belonging to the Carangidae family, class Actinopterygii, of the Perciformes order that generally inhabit the tropical seas. However, we know that, like other species, they entered the Mediterranean through the Suez Canal and now we find them not only in Sicily and Sardinia but also off the Tyrrhenian coast.

During the juvenile phase they present different vertical bars and a golden yellow color. They make pelagic life and gather around floating objects like tree trunks, palm leaves or even around jellyfish or inside the umbrella of jellyfish. Later with the growth they migrate deep into the reefs.  Carango Mediterraneo decompressione Caranx Crysos

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