Labrus viridis - Green wrasse

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Green wrasse usually lives on rocky bottoms and Oceanic posidonia at a depth of 10 to 15 meters, where it finds its ideal habitat. This fish can live well even around 45/50 meters but it is rarely found in shallow waters. In this video we see it in a very few meters of depth and we filmed three specimens at the same time sporting the classic three liveries of this colorful wrasse labridae. Green wrasse Labrus viridis Tordo marvizzo

Green wrasse - Labrus viridis - Tordo marvizzo -

Green wrasse – Labrus viridis – Tordo marvizzo –

Labrus viridis, commonly known as Green wrasse, seaweed thrush, is a saltwater fish of the genus Labrus, belonging to the Labridae family.

Distribution and habitat
This fish is common in the entire Mediterranean Sea, in the western Black Sea and in a small portion of the Atlantic Ocean between Galicia and Morocco.
Rocky bottoms rich in vegetation and Posidonia oceanica meadows, rarely deeper than 10-15 m (exceptionally up to 45 m).

Green wrasse - Labrus viridis - Tordo marvizzo -

Labrus viridis – Tordo marvizzo –

The body is more elongated than in the Symphodus species and quite fusiform, fleshy lips but less than in the other Labrus enclosing teeth clearly visible even with the mouth closed, the profile of the head is not arched. Single and long dorsal fin, the initial part has spiny rays not very sharp, rounded caudal fin, large pectoral fins.
The color is usually bright green with a lateral white band in the young (this livery can also be assumed by other young wrasse such as Labrus merula), the adults can be greenish or reddish with white spots on the scales.
It reaches 50 cm in length.

Green wrasse - Labrus viridis - Tordo marvizzo -

Green wrasse –  Tordo marvizzo –



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