Anthias anthias

Anthias anthias castagnola rossa famiglia Serranidae family

Anthias anthias, swallowtail sea perch or marine goldfish (Linnaeus, 1758), is a marine bony fish belonging to the Serranidae family.

Anthias anthias Castagnola rossa Marine goldfish -

Anthias anthias Castagnola rossa Marine goldfish –


Distribution and habitat

It is located in the Mediterranean Sea and the Eastern Atlantic from Portugal to Angola, there are also reports from northern Namibia. It is very common in the Mediterranean but rare in the Adriatic.

Its habitat is located in circalittoral plan on coral funds in the shade and cavities rich. Meets up to 200 meters deep, it is beginning to be shared around 30 meters. It is a common inhabitant of the underwater caves. In summer you can meet at depths relatively minor, also in dark caves or crevices.



This fish is quite different from other Mediterranean serranids since it has a higher and compressed body silhouette on the sides, with relatively small mouth. The eyes are large and the forehead slightly arched. The mouth is armed with a small canine teeth. The dorsal fin is wide enough, in males the second and third spiny ray lead laminar appendage like a flag.

The caudal fin is strongly forked, the lower lobe is longer and the pointy top. The ventral fins are much longer and much larger than the pectoral fins in males are much more developed than in the female and usually have a yellow orange stain end. The flakes are also present in the head region. The lateral line is very curved and runs along the profile of the back except in the caudal peduncle. The livery is striking: from purplish red to bright orange with three yellow stripes behind the eye, which is surrounded by a yellow and blue ring. The length comes to 27 cm, usually reaches 15 cm.



He lives in non-compact and not very dynamic banks. If disturbed the benches take shelter immediately in a ravine. It has nocturnal habits.


It feeds on crustaceans and small fish.


It is a hermaphrodite proterogino, that female becomes male with growth. It reproduces in the summer.


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Anthias anthias – Castagnola rossa

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