Redfish Black - Scorpaena Porcus

Scorpaena porcus, commonly known as Redfish black or brown, is a marine fish belonging to the family ScorpaenidaeScorfano Nero Scorpaena Porcus Scorpaenidae Redfish black brown

Scorfano Nero –

Distribution and habitat

The black rockfish is widespread in the eastern Atlantic (British dall’arcipelago the Moroccan coast, including the Azores and the Canary Islands), the Mediterranean (most common in the western part) and the Black Sea. Benthic fish, camouflage, live from 0 to over -100 meters deep on rocky bottoms or seagrass meadows.

Scorfano Nero Black Scorpionfish - intotheblue

Scorfano Nero Black Scorpionfish –


The head is large with appendages and spine distributed throughout the skull. The mouth is wide. The dorsal fin is supported in the first 2/3 of 12 large rays similar to spines; the anal fin presents 3 before soften with small radii. The pectoral fins are large, strong and rounded. The ventral are oblong, equipped with a plug. The morphology of this animal has evolved as a function of seabed life and is responsible for much of its exceptional camouflage capabilities because of its poor swimming skills. The livery has a variable background color from dark brown to reddish, the sand-colored, stained and speckled with brown and clear.

Scorpaena porcus – Scorfano nero Scorpaenidae –

Scorfano Nero Scorpaena Porcus Scorpaenidae Redfish black brown


Not much is known of its reproduction: it is known that the deposition takes place in the spring.


It feeds on crustaceans, invertebrates and small fish (Gobiidi, Blennies), which captures with a flick of protrattile mouth. Waits for its prey immobile, perfectly camouflaged with the surrounding environment.

Scorpaena porcus Scorfano nero -

Scorpaena porcus Scorfano nero –




Scorfano nero o Scorfano bruno – Scorpaena porcus

Scorfano Nero – Scorpaena Porcus

Scorfano Nero

Scorfano Nero

Scorfano Nero – Scorpaena Porcus

Scorfano nero


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