Trine of the sea - Reteporella grimaldii

Reteporella grimaldii, commonly known as the trine of the sea, is a briozoo of the Reteporidae family. Reteporella grimaldii trina di mare briozoo Reteporidae

Trina di Mare – Reteporella grimaldii –

Habitat and distribution Frequent throughout the Mediterranean Sea and the eastern Atlantic Ocean, up to about 50 meters in depth on deep, dimpled, often coral reef. It is a bryozoan colony that can reach a diameter of 10 cm. It is a species that loves semi-darkness. It is also known as Retepora cellulosa, Sertella beaniana and Sertella septentrionalis.

Description Colonies of the typical “lace” shape, yellow to pink, very fragile. Up to 15 inches in diameter. Reteporella grimaldii trina di mare briozoo Reteporidae



Bryozoan – Reteporella grimaldii

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