Anemone - Anemonia sulcata

Anemone Purple Tentacles

Anemone Tentacoli Viola Purple Tentacles

Anemonia sulcata (Pennant, 1777), commonly known as hair of Venus, is a doodle of antozoo actiniidae familyAnemone Anemonia sulcata Celenterato antozoo cnidari cnidarians


This sea anemone has a cylindrical body, varying in color from yellow-brown to green, from which branches off a crown of long tentacles, little retractable, with violet end. Reach sizes up to about 20 cm in diameter.


This species expresses a fluorescent protein, called Kindling Fluorescent Protein (KFP), used as a marker in the field of molecular biology.

Anemone - Anemonia sulcata

Distribution and habitat

Widespread in the Mediterranean Sea and along the eastern shores of the Atlantic Ocean. This is the ‘anemone’s largest sea in the Mediterranean. Lives attached to rocks feeding on small prey that catches with long tentacles armed with stinging cells (nematociti). In its tissues contain organisms symbiotic unicellular algae (zooxanthellae) and for that reason needs to live in well-lit areas. He lives from the first meters of water to a depth of 10 metres.


Anemone Anemonia sulcata Celenterato antozoo cnidari cnidarians




Anemone Tentacoli Viola


Anemone di mare – Anemonia viridis

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