Muraena helena - Echinaster sepositus - Stylocidaris affinis

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In this immersion of 08/27/2016 we can see specimens of various species take rather common in the Mediterranean, have come together in the beginning, “Sabella spallanzanii” more commonly called Mediterranean fanworm is a polychaete annelid canalipalpato of the sabellidae family while suddenly portrays a once it detects the presence of the diver. Muraena helena Echinaster sepositus Stylocidaris affinis

Mediterranean moray Muraena helena, is a marine bony fish belonging to the family Muraenidae, defensively after an initial phase of curiosity.


The common and omnipresent Red starfish, “Echinaster sepositus which is an echinoderm of echinasteridae family, very common in the Mediterranean Sea.  Muraena helena Echinaster sepositus Stylocidaris affinis  Echinaster sepositus

the inevitable Anthias anthias along with various species of Wrasses and Sparids.

And finally the “Stylocidaris affinis, commonly known as Red lance urchin, is an echinoderm of cidaridae family.

Stylocidaris affinis – Riccio matita

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