Stylocidaris affinis

Stylocidaris affinis (Philippi, 1845), commonly known as pencil curl, is an echinoderm from the Cidaridae family.

Stylocidaris affinis (o riccio matita)


Quills are very evident, thick, well spaced, as long as the body diameter, yellow to red, which can reach 5 cm.


It feeds on bryozoans, molluscs, foraminifera.

Distribution and habitat

Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean, on coralligenous or detrital bottoms, from about 30 meters depth (except for some locations, such as Pantelleria or in the caves of Alghero, where it is sometimes even at surface levels) up to 1000 meters. It is possible to find it along the docks of the ports left by the fishermen who clean the nets where they are often entangled.

invasione di ricci Matita - invasion of Stylocidaris affinis sea urchins -

invasione di ricci Matita – invasion of Stylocidaris affinis sea urchins –

An echinoderm /ɪˈkndɜːrm/ is any member of the phylum Echinodermata /ɪˌknˈdɜːrmətə/ (from Ancient Greek ἐχῖνος echīnos “hedgehog” and δέρμα derma “skin”) of marine animals. The adults are recognizable by their (usually five-point) radial symmetry, and include starfishsea urchinssand dollars, and sea cucumbers, as well as the sea lilies or “stone lilies”.[3] Adult echinoderms are found on the sea bed at every ocean depth, from the intertidal zone to the abyssal zone. The phylum contains about 7000 living species,[4] making it the second-largest grouping of deuterostomes (a superphylum), after the chordates (which include the vertebrates, such as birdsfishesmammals, and reptiles). Echinoderms are the largest phylum that has no freshwater or terrestrial members.

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Riccio matita – Stylocidaris affinis

Invasione di Ricci Matita

Riccio Matita

Muraena helena – Echinaster sepositus – Stylocidaris affinis

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